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 Lyon County Public Housing       “Fairview Heights”

Our public housing property consists of 94 units ranging from 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom sizes.   All our units are on one level from single unit dwellings, duplex buildings and tri-plex buildings.  50 of our units are concrete block buildings with a concrete floor pad.   44 of the units are dry wall on floors with crawl spaces.   All 94 of these units are equipped for washer and dryer hook ups.    The utilities are based on the excess utility method and no deposits are required for the utilities as the Housing Authority administers the utilities.   All units require a $250 security deposit.    Pet deposits are in addition according to the type of pet.  Our public housing units accommodates applicants of the age of 19 and older.

Multi-family property      “Amber Village”

Amber Village is an elderly property accommodating those 62 and older as well as disabled individuals meeting the definitions as outlined by the Social Security Administration.   The Amber Village Apartments are 1 bedroom units located with four-plex buildings or eight-plex buildings.   They are all electric and the utility is arranged by the resident prior to move in.    We do apply a utility allowance toward the rent.   A community laundry is provided due to not having washer and dryer hook ups in the units.   Security deposit is based upon each resident’s gross rent at time of move in.  Pet deposits are in addition according to the type of pet.